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PowerShell classes and password gizmos…

Over the years I have rewritten every useful chunk of code I’ve found according to what my skill could provide and also (much less often, I’ll admit) what PowerShell offered at the time. PowerShell introduced classes a few months back … Continue reading

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Yet another way to handle authentication with PowerShell secure strings

I realize there are tons of articles out there about handling authentication. What I don’t see are a lot of examples where the methods are demonstrated within a set of tools. Authentication schemes can turn a simple shell task into … Continue reading

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Homegrown PowerShell tools for MySQL

In my previous article I created a function that uses the MySQL connector for .Net to run MySQL queries that return as an object inside either a script or a shell. Now I’ll show you how to use that function as a … Continue reading

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Accessing MySQL with PowerShell programmatically

Being able to access MySQL data from a PowerShell session or script can be useful in many ways. Using the MySQL .Net Connector it is possible to create a set of functions to query and manage your databases. The connector … Continue reading

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